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A Sparkling Moment in the Creative Exploration of Language

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The Creative Arts Programme is an annual programme that aims to nurture talented young writers in Singapore.  It is jointly organised by the Gifted Education Branch, MOE and Yale-NUS College, and the programme offers enrichment in the literary arts, where participants have the opportunity to learn from academics, writers and artists in related fields. Writing workshops are also offered in English and Mother Tongue (CL, ML, TL) to help students discover and hone their individual voice and craft. Secondary 2 and 3 students with a passion for creative exploration of language are invited to participate in this programme each year. This year, after many rounds of selection, TKGS is proud to share that one of our students has been chosen for this prestigious learning opportunity – Toh Jia Ying, Zelda from 3E2. She shares some thoughts on this valuable learning experience:

“The CAP seminar was intensive and, at times, tiring but it was overall a very enriching experience. During the seminar, many informative writing workshops and plenary lectures were organised. The writer’s circle, for instance, in which everyone shared a poem gave me a chance to hear the insight and perspectives of my fellow aspiring poets. As for my thoughts about being selected for this mentorship programme after all the training, I am thrilled to be able to learn from my mentor, Mr Desmond Kon, and refine my poem writing skills even further. I also feel very grateful to my EL teachers, Ms Song and Ms Cheong, for sharing this great opportunity and supporting me through this journey with their feedback and suggestions on my poetry portfolio. Overall, this CAP experience is something that I would most definitely recommend to anyone interested in creative writing!”

Toh Jia Ying, Zelda, 3E2