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Student Well-being Framework

Our student well-being programme is guided by the Student Well-being Framework which seeks to develop TKGians into High Achievers, Leaders of Character and Women of Grace. The framework demonstrates our strong student-centered ethos where we first seek to understand our students before designing relevant student-well being programmes that lead to our desired student outcomes.

Student Well-Being Framework.png

The school adopts a tiered approach in the design of our school’s student well-being programmes. This is in recognition that students have different needs, and that there are segments of students that would need greater support from the school than others. The structures and programmes implemented are therefore catered to 3 tiers of students where:

-  Tier 1 is core curriculum/ instruction provided to all students. A good quality Tier 1 plays a preventative function by equipping all students with good foundation in academic and non-academic skills

-  Tier 2 is early targeted support provided to some students. Students who require additional help are provided support in the area of need (e.g. academic, behaviour, attendance). These students may be surfaced through systematic screening, reviewing of student data and/ or teacher observations. Students with similar needs are grouped together to receive Tier 2 support.

-  Tier 3 is intensive targeted support provided to a few students. A few students with the highest needs may require more intensive and individualised intervention. Typically, Tier 3 support is carried out in small groups or individually.

The diagram below illustrates the structures and programmes offered by the school.

structures and programmes