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TKGian Leadership Philosophy

The TKGian leadership philosophy is guided by the school vision of an accomplished young woman of character and grace. In our TKGian Leadership Philosophy, we believe that every TKGian can be nurtured into a leader. Leadership in TKGS is not about positions, ranks or titles. It is a mindset demonstrated through role-modelling our school values. We aim to nurture every TKGian to be a leader who

  • acts with determination, developing self-confidence, resilience and adaptability to change and solving problems creatively;
  • serves with humility, learning from and respecting others, developing as active citizens and contributing to the community;
  • grows in graciousness, demonstrating interdependent thinking and effective collaboration, socio-cultural sensitivity, communicating effectively, appreciating aesthetics and achieving personal well-being;
  • builds on the past to meet the challenges of the future, anchored by a deep sense of belonging to school and nation, embracing our shared heritage and identity, and striving for excellence.

Leadership in TKGS also goes beyond self. It is about leading through service to the community. This is best illustrated in the school song as “noble service” to others and working for “selfless fame”.