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Prefectorial Board

TKGians with strong leadership potential and service aptitude are provided with an opportunity to serve on the TKGS Prefectorial Board. These students are nominated by their teachers who interact with them on a daily basis.


Upon successful nomination, they are placed on a probationary period (a maximum of 1/2 a year) during which they are mentored by their seniors to prepare them to take on future roles and responsibilities. The roles of the Prefectorial Board include bridging the communication between the teachers and students, leading the school community, building a gracious community and serving the school community.


Roles of TKGS Prefect Board.jpg


Figure 1: Roles of TKGS Prefectorial Board


All Prefects will undergo a Prefects Leadership Training Programme to equip them with the skills to carry out their roles effectively. Outstanding Prefects are interviewed by the TKGS Leadership Team to serve on the Prefectorial Board Executive Committee. The organization chart of the Prefectorial Board is shown as follows:

Prefectorial Board Teachers-in-charge: Mrs Candice Huang, Mr Clarence Lim

PB Org Chart.png

Every year, a new batch of Prefects is invested with a sense of pride and responsibility during our annual Prefect Investiture Ceremony.