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Class Committee

Class Committee Executive Committee and Class Committee


In line with our school’s mission of developing every TKGian to be a leader, the Class Committee provides an important avenue for student leadership in our school. Class Committee plays an important role in the day-to-day running of the school.

Structure of Class Committee EXCO and Class Committee

The Class Committee Executive Committee oversees the functioning of all the class committees. There are 10 members in the Class Committee Executive Committee and they represent the Class Committees in the Student Leaders’ Network. Existing Class Committee members who are keen to serve beyond their classes can aspire to take on the leadership roles in the Class Committee Executive Committee. They are in-charge of the various activities in the school, for e.g. Teacher’s Day Celebration, Youth Day Celebration, Leadership Outreach Programme, Termly Incentive and Exemplary Class Awards, Operation Clean Up, Class Committee Investiture. 

Teacher-in-charge: Ms Dawn Quek and Mr Poh Hou Shun

Organisation structure of the Class Committee EXCO

structure class comm exco.png

There are 10 Class Committee positions in each class. 

Organisation structure of the Class Committee

class comm structure.png

Class Committee Training Programme

class comm training.pngTo support our Class Committees in carrying out their roles effectively, the Student Leadership Committee organises leadership training programme for the Class Committee members every year. 

As part of our outreach programme, the Class Committee Executive Committee also provides leadership training for student leaders in Temasek Primary School. 

Class Committee Training in 2014

leadership training workship at temsek pri 2013.png


Leadership Training Workshop in Temasek Primary School in 2013