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Student Leadership

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To achieve the school mission of developing every student to be a leader, the school redefines leadership in terms of self-leadership and service to the community, regardless of rank, position and title. The concept of self-leadership is seen in the defining features of TKGians to be ‘Leaders of Character, Women of Grace’. This is reflected in our student management system which emphasises responsible decision-making and self-leadership via the Restorative Practice Approach and Traffic Light Monitoring System.

Students are encouraged to take responsibility for their actions and reflect on the impact of their actions on others. Leadership through service is demonstrated through our 4-year ViA programme that challenges all TKGians to lead through service to the local and international community in need.

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The school provides leadership opportunities for four different student leaders segments (Prefects, Class Committee, CCA Leaders subject representatives) to meet the aspirations of students with leadership potential.