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Dance (Modern)

Dance Club was formed in 2004 consisting of Ballet and Modern dance groups. Members are allowed to learn alongside and from each other during their weekly trainings. Opportunities are also given to explore different dance types and participation in various school and public performances. After four years in TKGS Dance Club, all dancers acquire good psychomotor skills, varying wide repertoire of dance techniques and a good degree of leadership and organizational skills.

Since the 2009, the TKGS Dancers have consistently outshone other groups in the Singapore Youth Festival with exceptionally high standards of performance and artistry. Besides keeping a busy schedule of regular appearances at the TKGS Speech day, Anniversary celebrations, and most recently the prestigious 2015 World Schools Debates Championships held in Singapore, the TKGS Dance Club holds regular performances in its Shine! series at the University Cultural Centre.  

In addition to formal performances, the Dance Club also leverages the Rest & Relax recess platform to organize, plan, and choreograph dances to raise money for the TKGS Needy Pupil Fund. 

Beyond the school, Ssome dancers had the opportunity to participate in the Dance Talent Development Programme organised by MOE’s Arts Education Branch while another group of dancers had the chance to travel to Thailand for the Singapore-Thailand Enhanced Partnership (STEP) programme which included a chance to live in a Thai household and present our dance item as ambassadors of Singapore.

For all weekly dance sessions, a professional dance instructor, Ms Chiam Fei Fei, is present to coach all members in the contemporary dance moves. No formal dance training is required to be a member. However, in the audition those with prior training in ballet techniques will stand a better chance of getting selected.