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Red Cross

As a uniform group, the Red Cross Youth prides itself in contributing to our society through community service and volunteer work. In 2016, we have participated in various events to give back to our community. We have volunteered as First Aiders for internal events such as our schools’ annual Sports’ Day and Cross Country, as well as external events such as the annual Terry Fox Run. We also worked towards improving our Red Cross fundamental skills such as First Aid and Disaster Management. 

During the March holidays, we conducted our annual Red Cross Camp where we were able to better bond with each other and brush up on our skill sets. To add on, we have all gone for courses and workshops to achieve a higher degree of attainment in the various Red Cross subjects. Earlier this year, we also took part in the National First Aid Competition, in which we managed to clinch the silver award for our junior category. 

Our cadets have taken part in the Annual Red Cross Flag Day to raise money to fund charity work initiated by the Singapore Red Cross. During the June holidays this year, our unit also took a trip to the Red Cross Home for the Disabled to help and further understand the situation of the disabled in Singapore. The  Red Cross Youth has gained a deeper knowledge and understanding of the problems faced by the poor and needy.  Through our serivice we have been able to reach out to the less fortunate.   We have learnt to serve and help one and all; thereby understanding our responsibilities to the society.

Done By: Andrea Tay, 3/2