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National Police Cadet Corps

NPCC is a CCA with a long history in TKGS.  TKGS NPCC’s motto: “No Pain, No Glory” has moulded all NPCC cadets into confident young leaders with qualities such as discipline, integrity, resourcefulness, and civic-consciousness.


Throughout the four-year programme, NPCC offers a wide range of activities such as drills, weapons training, self-defence tactics, outdoor camps, crime scene investigation training as well as community involvement projects. NPCC will work hand in hand with Singapore Police Force to promote a safe and secure Singapore through workshops and programmes such as Police Youth Ambassador.  Cadets will also have opportunities to represent the unit to take part in various inter-unit competitions and bring glory to the unit.


Other activities such as local education visits and Values-in-Action (ViA) activities are also organised annually to develop our cadets holistically to be concerned citizens. One notable activity is the high element obstacles activity that the Sec 3 cadets will challenge themselves to go beyond their comfort zone both physically and mentally during survival training camp at Pulau Ubin. NPCC offers many leadership opportunities for cadets within the CCA to develop them into responsible individuals who are disciplined and confident of facing any new challenges that may arise.


With effect from 2017, apart from the Friday training, there will be an additional hourly training on Wednesday to better equip the cadets with the necessary skills and promote strong bonds between them.  These weekly CCA activities, together with other NPCC HQ initiated activities and the unit initiated activities, place strong emphasis on team spirit among peers and the camaraderie established is what many NPCC cadets appreciate and cherish when they leave TKGS. 

Building on the challenges faced by the unit in the past, 
the unit has finally attained their first Gold in the annual NPCC Unit Overall Proficiency Award (for assessment year 2017).  This has kick-started the momentum of unit's 
self-belief that TKGS NPCC is able to achieve great height, even though the TKGS NPCC has a relatively small strength as compared to the other NPCC units in Singapore.  With one heart, the unit will continue to strive for excellence!