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Girl Guides

Guiding in TKGS aims to groom our guides to be leaders of character and grace, who serves selfless with humility. The weekly Guides activities are designed to incorporate character development modules, value and citizenship education as well as leadership skills and 21st century core competencies. The Guides have done the school proud with commendable dedication and commitment by winning award during competitions organised by Guides HQ.  We also represented the school in the annual Thinking Day and East Division Competitions from 2011 to 2015. 
Guides are exposed to valuable skills such as organizational, planning, management and peer mediation skills through myriad of activities planned for them. Guides are also given ownership to plan programmes such as division-wide campfires and the Inter UG School March Camp. 

Guides can also look forward to our weekly Guides sessions that focus on harnessing the girls’ leadership qualities and capabilities, and exposing them to activities under the 5-Point Programme. These sessions also aim to promote team building and discipline, as well as encourage critical and flexible thinking.  We are also going to focus on serving the community through our CCA-based VIA Programme. Our Guides are also strongly encouraged to participate in NYAA and other enrichment activities which expose them to valuable skills and further develop their potential.
Our school weekly sessions include core guiding skills such as tent-pitching, structure-tying, outdoor cooking and gadget-making. We also include obstacle courses, foot drills and physical training as part of our programme to build the resilience of our Guides. Guides can also sign up for various courses and enrichment programmes organised by Guides HQ. Enrichment activities which focus on 21st century core skills and competencies are also included in our Guides programme to provide them with a more holistic education.
TKGS Girl Guides has clinched Silver Award in the prestigious Puan Noor Aishah Award for Excellence in the years 2007-2012. We were also awarded the Gold Award for Excellence (PNA) from 2013 to 2015.



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                                                                  East Division Competition 2014


Wide Game Competition 2014


One of the core guiding skills: indoor/outdoor cooking