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TKGS has one of the best Sailing teams in Singapore and is a name synonymous with National Sailing Centre (NSC) regulars. Over the years, we have built up our name in the East as the girls' school with the team of united sailors. Our cosy group of sailors comprises national sailors and school team sailors who share the passion for the sport that has consistently done our country proud. 

Besides aiming to sustain our credible showing (Top 3) in the annual National Inter-Schools' Sailing Championships, we also target to heed the country's call to spread the love for Sailing. 

National Inter-schools Sailing Championship 2015

After 4 days of sailing, both the B and C divisions managed to clinch 3rd position in the National Inter-Schools Sailing Championship. 

2016 DSP-SAFYC Sailing League 1 Regatta results

Byte category

Girls 1st position- Valerie Sin (4e7)
Girls 4th position - Celine Wong (2e2)
Girls 5th position - Sophia Rose Meyers (2e6) 

2016 NSC cup series 1 regatta

NSC cup series 1 regatta is a hotly contested sailing competition due to its status as a national ranking regatta. It also serves as the year's start to the racing season.

Sailors from TKGS showed their determination in persevering in the strong winds conditions to give their best. This regatta is particularly special as it is the first regatta for our novice sec 2 optimist sailors who just started competitive sailing 1 year ago. Pitted against the best sailors in Singapore and the challenging winds, they showed real courage in completing their races, even beating other more experienced sailors along the way.

Optimist gold fleet 
Angel joy seah 1e3 77th position

Optimist silver fleet 
Suzaina 2e4 52nd position 
Dorcas 2e3 55th position 
Diane 2e2 57th position 
Natasha koh 2e1 66th position 

Sherrie Quek 3e7 9th position (1st girl) 
Tasha ang 4e2 25th position 
Celine wong 2e2 28th position
Valerie sin 4e7 36th position 
Sophia rose 2e6 41st position 
Meira ayuni 3e2 52nd position 
Tiara 4e3 59th position
Krista yeo 1e2 65th position 

SSSC National Inter-School Sailing Championships 2016

Byte Girls C div - team 3rd

Celine Wong 
Sophia Rose 
Krista Yeo 

Byte Girls B div - team 3rd

Evangeline Tan - 6th overall
Sherrie Quek - 7th overall
Tasha Ang - 17th overall

TKGS Sailors win Byte awards at SAFYC colours ceremony 2016

On 23rd Jan 2016, three of our TKGS sailors were accorded awards for dinghy class Byte at the SAFYC colours ceremony. The awards were given by SAFYC to recognize and commemorate the outstanding achievements of the sailors. 

Tasha Ang (4e2) - Byte Colours Award
Valerie Sin (4e7) - Byte Merit Award
Sophia Rose (2e6) - Byte Merit Award

2016 Fish n Co Youth Sailing Championships

Optimist gold fleet 
Angel joy seah (1e3) - 105th open division

Optimist silver fleet 
Diane (2e2) - 56th open division
Suzaina (2e4) - 59th open division
Natasha koh (2e1) - 60th open division

Sherrie Quek (3e7) - 5th girls 
Tasha ang (4e2) - 7th girls 
Valerie sin (4e7) - 8th girls 
Sophia rose (2e6) - 11th girls 
Celine wong (2e2) - 13th girls 
Tiara (4e3) - 17th girls 
Meira ayuni (3e2) - 19th girls
Krista yeo (1e2) -  22nd girls
Masayu (3e3) -   23rd girls

13th SAFYC regatta 2016

Byte Girls

Sophia Rose (2e6) - 2nd in girls' division
Celine wong (2e2) - 7th in girls' division
Masayu (3e2) - 10th in girls' division

Singapore National Sailing Championship 2016

Byte Girls
Celine wong (2e2) - 3rd in girls' division
Krista Yeo Su-Anne (1E2) - 8th in girls' division

Optimist Gold Fleet
Angel Joy Seah (1e3) - 85th Open division

Pesta Sukan Regatta 2016

Byte Girls
Sophia Rose Meyers (2e6) - 5th in girls' division
Meira Ayuni (3e1) - 6th in girls' division
Celine wong (2e2) - 7th in girls' division
Krista Yeo (1e2) - 9th in girls' division
Sherrie Quek (3e7) - 10th in girls' division
Masayu (3e2) - 11th in girls' division
Suzaina (2e4) - 12th in girls' division
Dorcas Wang (2e3) - 17th in girls' division
Natasha Koh (2e1) - 20th in girls' division
Diane Tay (2e2) - 21st in girls' divison

Optimist Gold Fleet
Angel Joy Seah (1e3) - 54th Open division