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Media Club

The Media Club aims to develop young multimedia specialist in today’s world. Our specially planned activities aim to develop technical and analytical skills through a range of platforms and software. Students will be taught a range of software such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and several types of game-making, audio, video-editing software.  The Media Club also includes photography as one of the main curriculum in the CCA activities, where students will be taught technical know-hows as well as photography concepts.

To provide a platform for our students to shine, they will be given opportunities to go for various contests such as the Singapore Games Creation Competition, Youth Change Video-making competition, and Canon Photo Marathon. 

Media club members will also provide AV and photography service to the school during various events such as the TKGS Arts Fiesta, Speech Day and National Day. 

So, are you keen to explore the future as a photographer, games developer, graphic designer or film producer? 

If your answer is ‘yes’ and you already have some basic IT skills, the Media Club is just the CCA for you! Come be a part of the most popular choice amongst youth of this generation.

Singapore Games Creation Competition (SGCC) 2014

The Singapore Games Creation Competition 2014 is organised by Nanyang Polytechnic to give secondary school students an opportunity to learn about digital media development and games creation. It challenges them to create their very own games. This year, the students were task to create a game based on the anti-drug message, "Life does not rewind. Say no to drugs."

After 5 months of training and creating their games, two out of three of our teams received the Commendation Award! They received certificates and each team was awarded $250 of Capitamall vouchers. This is despite it being the first time they are creating games. It is also commendable as they competed against 191 teams to clinch the award. The students are;

Team 1: Pink4
Nicole Chan Mei Teng - 2E5 (Leader)
Poh Qiong Yi - 2E5
Sng Kai Lin - 2E5
Wang Chun Min - 2E5

CNB1 - small.jpg

Team 2: TKGian
Teresa Ng Yan Ting - 3E8 (Leader)
Tara Ebrahim Mama - 3E3
Aqeilah Arfah - 3E2

CNB2 - small.jpg

Do play their games and rate it!

Dukies in Space by Pink4:


Saving Emily by TKGian:


Canon PhotoMarathon 2015

This year the Media Club Photography Service Board took part in the Canon PhotoMarathon XII on 22nd August 2015. Individually, every one of us learnt new skills and techniques that we could apply when taking photographs. The experience of competing and the joy of going out as a group made this day a memorable one as well.

Canon has been hosting the Canon PhotoMarathons around the world since 2003. This is a whole-day photography competition where participants to take photographs that fits the themes given. There were a total of three themes and participants would only know the theme at periodic intervals on the competition day itself. They were to submit a photo from each theme within 3-4 hours, making it all the more difficult. This time-based competition creates the exhilaration of the competition that is truly gets one’s heart to beat in excitement.

It was a great day for the Upper Secondary photographers to bond with the Lower Secondary photographers. The pure ecstasy of capturing images is what drives us photographers to do what we do.

Canon 1 - Group Photo.jpg

Pictured from left to right:

<Third row> Mr Poh Hou Shun (Teacher-in-Charge), Jewelle Woo (4E8), Leow Xuan Ying (4E7), Eunice Ter (3E7)

<Second Row> Choon Hun (School Photographer), Megan Ooi (3E5), Sinegha Murugan (2E1), Maitri Tailor (1E6), Fatin Nur Syaza (2E5), Ravimani Sowjenya (3E5), Sharifah Nur Sarah Al-Attas (2E5), Miss Charissa Lim (Teacher-in-Charge)

<First Row> Joanna Lee (2E1), Cheng Jing Qi (2E6) Danielle Tay (1E6), Azumi Soh (1E1)

1.    Street

To start the competition, the first theme to be released was “Street”, and almost immediately everyone started rushing out the hall to capture the image that was to get their photograph chosen. Themes can be interpreted any way one can, but seeing how this theme was very straight to the point, we had to think out of the box and let our imagination run wild.

“Street” taken by Fatin Nur Syaza (2E5)

Canon 1 - Street Fatin.jpg


“Street” taken by Azumi Soh (1E1)

Canon 3 - Street Azumi.jpg

2.    50:50

The first theme already had everyone in tears, what more the second theme. This theme left most participants completely stuck, but it was interesting to see what our fellow photographers came up with.

“50:50” taken by Jewelle Woo (4E8)

Canon 4 - 50 50 Jewelle.jpg

3.    Defy Your Imagination

We had ventured around Singapore, taking what Bugis, Marina Bay, and Dhoby Ghaut had to offer. The last theme was the most exciting of all, and yet may well be the most difficult theme to win, considering there are many ideas and ways to decipher the definition behind the theme. Some of us had the use of props in our photographs, such as balloons, water and turmeric powder.

“Defy Your Imagination” taken by Megan Ooi (3E5)

Canon 5 - Defy Your Imagination Megan.jpg


Written By: Megan Ooi (3E5)

Game Making Workshop 2015

Game Making Workshop.jpg

This year, Media Club sent a total of 7 teams to participate in the Singapore Games Creation Competition (SGCC), hosted by Nanyang Polytechnic. This year’s theme was “The Odds are Never In Your Favour ” and the sub theme is related to how can we prevent gambling. 

To aid the teams entering the competition, the Media Club organized a game-making course from May to August 2015. The trainers assisted them throughout the whole process of the game making. The rest of the members who did not enter the competition, also created a game based on their preferred theme.

Though the teams did not make it into the finals, they were not disheartened as they have been given the opportunity to showcase our talents and games to our CCA members, and during the upcoming open house. In fact, they continued to create more levels for the games and display their games to our peers at the end of the course.

Our club members benefitted greatly from this course as they have learnt how to create a game, basic coding and application of Photoshop. They have also learnt how to cooperate in a team, be efficient and productive so as to complete their respective jobs. Through this they learnt to appreciate the amount of effort and perseverance game programmers need, as it is a tedious task to create even a simple game.

Written By: Nicole Chan Mei Teng (3E4)

Media Club Showcase: Ignite 2016

Ignite 1.jpg

The Media Club held our third annual showcase in early April 2016. During our opening ceremony on 6th April 2015, Mrs Seah (Principal), Mrs Poh (Vice-principal), parents, TKGians, club members, teachers, gained an insight on what the Media Club members have been doing during the past semester. The top photographers and animation groups presented their idea and motivation behind their creations. This was followed by a tour of our exhibition at the Art Gallery. 

The overall winners for light photography are;
     Most Promising Light Photographer Award: Megan Ooi (4/5)
     Most Creative Light Photographer Award: Azumi Soh (2/1) 

The top 3 SCRATCH animation projects were done by:
     1st Place: Lim Letasha (2/3) and Chiang Hui Wen Deene (2/3)
     2nd Place: Hannah Binte Amirrudin (3/4) and Amanda Ding (3/4)
     3rd Place: Gunasekaran Divyadarsini (2/5)

The top 3 beginner photographers are;
     Yokoyama Akemi (1/2)
     Jeslyn Khoo (1/3)
     Keerat Kaur Bal (1/6)

This was a combination of all our members’ effort and creativity from January to April 2016. Some of them attended a course on how to use CS First and SCRATCH by Miss Amalina, while others attended a Light Photography Course conducted by a reputable local photographer, Mr Sean Lee. Our new members attended a beginner photographer course as well.

This year also marked our first time collaborating with the Art Club to run an instagram competition. The #Seeinspiration Instagram campaign aimed to portray the different perspectives of different artists which enables them to translate everyday imagery to captivating artwork. The top 30 photos were displayed on the spider-web along the level 1 linkway, and the top 3 posts won prizes.

All in all, it certainly achieved our objective of showcasing the many talents of our Media Club members.

By: Sharifah Nur Sarah Al-Attas (President of Media Club)

Ignite 2.jpg

SCRATCH Interactive Animation Projects Exhibition

Ignite 3.jpg

#Seeinspiration Exhibition

Ignite 4.jpg

Most Promising Light Photographer: Megan Ooi (4E5)

Ignite 5.jpg

Most Creative Photographer: Azumi Soh (2E1)

Google Scratch Programme and Trip


In collaboration with Google, 44 Media Club students were taught about basic programming language during their Scratch programming course in from Jan to April 2016. We were assigned to do a project, which is based on creating a game or interactive animation. As a reward, 9 students with the best projects were shortlisted by Google for a visit and lunch at the Google Headquarters in Singapore in May!

As we entered the Google office, the friendly receptionists at the entrance greeted us. After which we were directed to their canteen that provided a wide variety of food. During the lunch, I got to know more about the working culture in Google through our conversation with our Googlers who were our hosts.

The highlight of this invitation to Google was the trip around the office. I found out that the Googlers there enjoyed an open-office concept with loads of “play” areas to rejuvenate them while at work; they have snack bars, private nap rooms, a mini-movie theatre, pool tables and even computer gaming areas. Clearly Googlers not only work hard, but also play hard! I was also blown away by their thematic interiors. Moreover, some names of various rooms in the office are linked to the Singapore culture. For instance, a room was known as "Jialat" and another as "Shiok".

During the process of learning Scratch, I have been motivated to explore further about the computing field and wish to be more exposed to such programming activities. I am very grateful for this experience, as being invited to such a prestigious company is a once in a lifetime opportunity. To conclude, this experience has been a very fruitful and engaging one!

Written By: Gunasekaran Divyadarsini (2E5)

Learning Journey: Application of Technology in Citibank

In November 2016, Secondary 1 and 2 Media Club members went to CitiBank for a learning journey to learn more about technology and its application in the finance industry. Our Citibank guides gave us a tour of their office and we were given a presentation of the history of Citibank. The highlight was our visit to the security area of the building where we saw how the IT staff monitored any viruses or scams coming from all parts of the world and worked hard to remove them. This was where we were given insights on how they work to protect their customers in the light of rising number of scams. It was exciting as they monitored ongoing activities on a huge screen which looked like a scene out of a Hollywood blockbuster! Overall, I find this learning journey an enriching experience.

Singapore Games Creation Competition (SGCC) 2016

SGCC 2016.jpg

The Singapore Games Creation Competition 2016 is organised by Nanyang Polytechnic to provide an environment for school students to learn games creation through workshops on games development and digital creation tools. It is a platform that gives secondary school students an opportunity to learn about digital media development and games creation, challenging them to create their very own games. 

A total of 147 teams participated in the competition. Despite the overwhelming odds, one of our teams managed to clinch the Merit Award! They received certificates and prizes consisting of t-shirts and $240 worth of vouchers. The students are:

Team Brinjals

Cheng Jing Qi – 3E2 (Leader)

Chen Boqing – 3E7 

Chiang Hui Wen Deene – 2E3

Letasha Lim – 2E3 

Do play their games and rate it!  

 League Of Burger: https://gdev.nyp.edu.sg/sgcc/Games/SGCC2016/game_finals_play.php?id=764

Singapore Games Creation Competition (SGCC) 2017


This year, the students were tasked to come up with a 3-level game based on one of the environmental themes, which include "Hygiene", "Anti-littering and the 3Rs" and "Dengue Prevention and Energy Saving".

The mascot for this year's competition featured an "ECO Knight" that advocates a Clean, Sustainable and Healthy environment while incorporating environmental habits as a daily lifestyle.

After 5 months of creating their games, one of our teams managed to clinch the Merit Award! This was not an easy achievement as they were up against 135 other schools. In addition to certificates, they were also awarded with $240 worth of shopping vouchers, t-shirts and a trophy plaque.

The team consists of:

Team Dokkaebi

Letasha Lim - 3E1 (Leader)

Chiang Hui Wen Deene - 3E3

Tew Sze Yee - 2E6

Petrina Ho - 2E6

Do head over to the SGCC website to play their game titled "Ecoopia"!


Shooting Home Youth Awards 2016/17 (SHYA)



Getting shortlisted into SHYA in 2016 meant that we were given an opportunity to show everyone our capability. SHYA made us step out of our comfort zone.  Sinegha expressed her feelings about her grandparents through my photographs - something close to her heart. While Jing Qi used portraits to visually capture the carefree attitudes of hawker centre patrons. She took on the challenge of shooting the carefree moments and expressions of patrons eating. Expressing emotions through photographs is not easy. The way one see and interprets a photo differs from person to person. Hence it is difficult to bring across the exact feeling the photographer wants the viewer to feel. Thus, we challenged our limits and worked on our projects with our mentors' guidance who pushed us to do better every time during our mentorship in Nov-Dec 2016.

We gave a sharing and the fruits of our labour were displayed at the National Library at Orchard in July 2017.

At the end of the day, this experience was worthwhile. We learnt many things which we would not have if we did not enter SHYA. Our experience as photographers in SHYA has been a memorable event with many takeaways including the constructive feedback from mentors and useful critics from our fellow participants.

This is what excites us about photography – it is ever evolving. As photographers, we have the ability to stop time and frame it the way we see it.

By Sinegha Murugan (4/6) & Cheng Jing Qi (4/1)

Ignite 2017


The Media Club held our fouth annual showcase in early April 2017.
Ignite is an annual event where Media Club members have an opportunity to showcase their works, for which they have put in efforts for approximately 4 months (January to April). Guests such as our Principal Mrs Seah, Vice-Principal Mrs Poh, teachers & parents enjoyed themselves as they had a chance to discover more about the works & appreciate them.


A group of Sec 2-4 students attended the film-making course conducted by Mr Jeremiah. Though they went through the challenging process of producing a film, the 5 groups managed to create 5 short films with intriguing plots.

The winning team was Suicide Squad. The members are;

-   Natalie Chan Weng Kay (4E6) (Producer)

-   Murugan Sinegha  (4E6) (Director)

-   Vivian Cheong Junning (3E4) (Director of Photography)

-   Nur Syafiqah Izzati Bte MZ (2E4) (Editor)

-   Dheepthi Krishnan (3E2) (Scriptwriter)


The other members attended the Digital Manga Art course. The efforts they had put in were remarkable as they created their own characters.

The top 3 Digital Manga Art were done by;

1)    Ng Su Rui (2E3)

2)    Priya Gurung (4E4)

3)    Meagan Anne Susastyo (2E1)

The new members attended the beginner photography course by Mr Lance & captured images related to the theme "Connect".

The top 3 beginner photographers are;

Charlene Ng (1E1)

Ng Sher Min Shermaine (1E4)

Raeanne Sng Jia Xuan (1E3)

All Digital Manga Art and Beginner Photography students had their works displayed at the foyer from April to August 2017.