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Library Board

The Library Service Board is committed to promoting a strong reading culture in the school and supporting the Instructional Programme to meet the teaching and learning needs of the school.

Librarians are awarded 30 CIP hours for each year when they satisfy the minimum 75% attendance required. Librarians report for duty at least two hours once a week on a day of their choice. 

Leadership opportunities with additional Leadership CCA points are available to librarians keen to extend themselves in this area. The main Library Committee comprising the Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson and Committee Members are responsible for organizing library events, overseeing publicity materials, as well as following up on book loans at the four levels. The Press Gang Sub-Committee coordinates Press Gang events which are held in the Library. The Mother Tongue Representatives work closely with the Mother Tongue Department-appointed teachers to promote their respective Mother Tongue literature.

All librarians are encouraged to be avid readers themselves and are given the privilege to borrow new arrivals first. They also enjoy a loan quota of ten rather than four books. Librarians are also urged to actively participate in the library’s resource acquisition by researching on newly published books, and by sending in reviews and book recommendations.

Librarians learn new ICT skills such as how to produce publicity materials using Adobe Photoshop and MS PowerPoint, while learning about writers and new literature themselves. They also participate in external workshops organized by the National Library Board and Civica that teach not only info-media literacy, but also appreciation of different genres. At Press Gang events, librarians interview invited guests, further honing their communication skills, an important 21st century competency.

In addition to workshops, librarians also have opportunities to participate in external competitions, such as those organised by the NLB and Civica, where they can take their writing and info-media literacy skills even further. Examples of competitions include the Tales of ‘S’ ebook Competition (Civica), POSB-NLB Kids’ Lit Quiz Competition, NLB StoryMaps Challenge, NLB Prove It! Competition and Super Zone Schools Scrabble Competition. 

Tales of ‘S’ eBook Competition & Science Chronicles Sci-Fi Story Telling Competition

For the Tales of ‘S’ eBook Competition (Theme: Superpowers), we received the good news that out of 20 entries submitted, 7 essays were shortlisted for judging, of which included See Danielle Joy Lim from 4E6, Ariel Wee Xiang Ting from 3E6, Lisa Chong Hernn from 1E1, Shajahan Shahin Shanofar from 4E5, Soh Su Qi from 3E3, Faith Tan Li-Ann from 2E1 and Zara Almira Binte Mohamad Khairul Anil from 1E4. Out of these 7 essays, 4 essays were selected as winning essays to be part of the published Tales of ‘S’ eBook 2017. Together with these, there were another 7 illustrations which were winning entries to be published in the same book too. In the Science Chronicles Sci-Fi Story Telling Competition, Alessandra Tan Dizon’s essay (3E5) also won a finalist award.

Click here to access the winning essays.

Tales of ‘S’ eBook Winning Illustrations


Duan Yuxin (3E6)


Ariel Wee Xiang Ting (3E6)


Lisa Chong Hernn (1E1)


Ching Jaymi Mae Lim (4E6)


Sun Jiaxin (4E6)



Zara Almira Binte Mohamad Khairul Anil (1E4) (two winning illustrations)


Tales of ‘S’ eBook Competition winners – Prize Presentation

Left to right: Ariel Wee Xiang Ting (3E6), Jeevna Kaur (1E1), Zara Almira Binte Mohamad Khairul Anil (1E4), Lisa Chong Hernn (1E1) and Ms Begam.


Alessandra Tan Dizon (3E5) receiving her Finalist Prize from Senior Parliamentary Secretary for MOE and MTI, Ms Low Yen Ling, at the Science Chronicles Sci-Fi Story Telling Competition Award Ceremony.

NLB Kids’ Lit Quiz Competition

Two teams from the school participated in the POSB-NLB Kids’ Lit Quiz Competition. Out of a total of 82 teams which entered the competition, only ten teams eventually entered the finals. We were indeed proud that after a tough fight, one team from our school entered the finals. The team, which comprised of Faith Tan Li-Ann, Isha Kamal Jethmal, Lim Kye Ann, Isabel and Arumugam Yazhini (all from 2E1), came in as one of the seven runners-up at the finals which was held at the DBS Auditorium.


NLB Kids Lit Quiz Competition Finals

From left to right: Competition official, Faith Tan Li-Ann, Arumugam Yazhini,  Assoc Prof Dr Muhammad Faishal, Isha Kamal Jethmal, Lim Kye Ann, Isabel  (all from 2E1), competition official and Quizmaster Wayne Mills.

NLB StoryMaps Challenge

Our school librarians also took part in the Singapore StoryMaps Challenge 2017, which is an inter-agency collaboration between the National Library Board (NLB), Ministry of Education (MOE), Singapore Land Authority (SLA) and the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA). It aims to encourage students to explore the intersections between humanities research, cartography and digital storytelling. The theme was “Tanjong Pagar”, and participating teams were invited to explore diverse topics such as transportation, housing, industries, culture, land use and conservation in the Tanjong Pagar area. The team submitted their story-maps and research journal in August and also presented their story-maps to the judges on the 17th of October. We are indeed proud that the team won a Merit Award in the finals. 


Singapore StoryMaps Challenge

Left to right: NLB official, Mrs Tan Ling Min, Nisha Shankar (3E7), Sharifah Fatimatu Zahra (2E6), Riya Milan Mehta (2E2), Nicole Too Hui Ning (3E4) and Ms Begam.


Tales of ‘S’ eBook Competition (Civica)

This year, students were asked to come up with a storyline for which the title, provided in advance, is their starting point. It was a fun and exciting opportunity for students to express their original ideas, connect with and entertain their peers and the wider community. The Competition also includes an illustration element and librarians could submit illustrations based on the given titles. We are proud that two illustrations by Faith Tan Li-Ann (3E7), one illustration by Fareeha Fareej Mohamed (2E6), as well as another one by Erin Tan Kay Qi (4E2) were chosen to be included in the 2018 Tales of ‘S’eBook.