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Interact Club

The Tanjong Katong Girls’ School Interact Club is the youth wing of the Rotary Club of Singapore (RCS), which is an organization for schools all around the world to help students get involved in leadership and service. Interact, which stands for “International Action”, is a club for young students to fully maximize their potential as a person. It enables us to interact more with the society and take part in community involvement programmes. This in turn opens up our eyes to the world of the less privileged and broadens our horizons. It is a club where everyone is a leader, with a heart full of passion to serve the community, where we put “Service Above Self”

In the club, we conduct various activities and opportunities that showcase our talents and stretch our limits. The Interact Club aims to have its members develop leadership skills and personal integrity, demonstrate helpfulness and respect for others as well as advance in international understanding and goodwill. Besides this, we also share the same district (3310) with the Rafflesian family, Hwa Chong Institution, Victoria Junior College, the ACS family, Anderson JC, Catholic JC and the Global Indian International School. Hence, Interactors will have the prospect opportunities to be involved in activities and partnerships with Interactors from these schools as well as to exchange cultures. This will allow our members to be exposed to situations they do not encounter in their everyday lives and develop a network of friendships with other Interact Clubs.

As part of our regular service for each level, the Interactors take part in activities such as:

        1. Community Laboratory Project (in partnership with South East CDC)

        2. Overseas Values in Action Project

        3. Friends of Singa

        4. Ramadan-on-Wheels (in partnership with Malay Youth Literary Association for Ramadhan)

In addition, we also have many other ongoing Service Learning projects for our Interactors such as volunteer at Feng Shan Primary Student Care Centre etc.

Through these projects, Interactors are given many opportunities to learn the skills of interacting with different groups of people through various activities and components of community service. The TKGS Interact Club is for youths who are keen in making a difference to other people, making them feel happy and touching their hearts through service.