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Values-in-Action Programme

Purpose of TKGS ViA Programme

  • To provide learning experiences that support students’ development as socially responsible citizens who can contribute meaningfully to the community, through the learning and application of values, knowledge and skills; and
  • To instill in our students a sense of empathy, rootedness and responsibility for Singaporeans and global community.

Student Outcomes

Students will be able to:
  • Identify and understand community issues, and have empathy for their community and fellow Singaporeans;
  • Initiate action amongst their peers to systematically make a difference and improve the lives of others;
  • Reflect, learn and internalize values from their learning experience; and
  • Appreciate their role as concerned citizens and active contributors to local and global issues.


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B. Independent student-initiated ViA Projects

The independent ViA programme allows students to identify and research on community problems independently, within and beyond school.

C. Externally-organized ViA Projects

The externally-organized ViA projects allows students to participate in ViA projects organized by external organisations.


Overview of the 3 Overarching ViA Themes and respective Sub-Themes

To provide authentic learning experiences for our students, the school considers community issues that are relevant to national interests as the basis for learning in the school’s Values-in-Action (ViA) Programme. The community issues are organized in the following three overarching themes and respective sub-themes for the ViA Curriculum:

Main Theme

Sub Themes

Sec 1

Sec 2

Sec 3

Championing Environment Causes

Managing Singapore’s Water


Understanding water as an essential yet scarce resource in Singapore and other parts of the world

Knowing how water is managed effectively, and raising public awareness on the importance of water conservation and water cleanliness

Understanding global water issues and raising public awareness on the importance of water conservation cleanliness

Adopting a Green Lifestyle


Knowing the various environmental issues caused by human activities

Understanding the causes and impacts of various environmental issues

Promoting environmental conservation to the community

Strengthening Social Infrastructure

Supporting our (Female) Youth

Knowing our (female) youths, children with special needs, those at the fringes and the elderly in Singapore as individuals

Understanding and addressing challenges faced by (female) youths, children with special needs, those at the fringes and the elderly in Singapore

Understanding global issues facing (female) youths

Caring for Special Needs Children

Understanding how other countries care for children with special needs

Integrating those at the Fringes

Understanding how other countries integrate those at the fringes

Caring for the Elderly

Evaluating the impact of an aging population on the global community

Preserving Our Heritage

Protecting our Natural Heritage

Connecting with our natural heritage

Identify causes and protecting Singapore’s natural heritage

Understanding our global environment


Preserving our Cultural Heritage

Experiencing Singapore’s cultural heritage

Identifying with and promoting Singapore’s cultural heritage

Understanding the National identity vs Global identity debate

A. Overview of 4 Year Level-based ViA Programme


Theme and Outcomes

Learning Experience

Sec 1

Stirring Hearts, Opening Eyes


Students will:

  1. Gain knowledge on local community issues across the three themes and the significance of them to Singapore’s future;
  2. Raise awareness of local community issues amongst peers; and
  3. Develop empathy for fellow Singaporeans.

Students start their Sec 1 ViA journey by engaging in experiential learning to develop their social consciousness toward various community issues. They embark on learning journeys to experience water issues, the plight of foreign workers, the elderly, disabled etc. Their learning experiences are well scaffold through pre-learning journey research tasks and post-learning journey reflections which will culminate in them putting a pitch to their fellow classmates to raise awareness of various community causes.


Sec 2

Equipping and Engaging Minds


Students will:

  1. Deepen understanding on local community issues for a specific theme;
  2. Work systematically to serve and have a positive impact on the community; and
  3. Appreciate their role as active and concerned citizens.

Building on their exposure to the various community causes, the Sec 2 ViA programme equips students to systematically address community issues through the 6-step community problem solving approach, deepen their understanding on a specific local community issue that they are interested in and grow in appreciation of their role in contributing to society.

Sec 3

Deepening and Championing


Students will

  1. Deepen understanding on local and global community needs for a specific theme;
  2. Work proactively and systematically to serve and have a positive impact on the community; and
  3. Appreciate their ability to contribute to the lives of others as an active and concerned citizen.


With the skills acquired from lower Secondary, students are given the platform to deepen their learning in a cause they believe in, working alongside teacher mentors, who share the same passion and interest. They are given the opportunity to take ownership in defining how they can contribute to the community. To broaden their impact and influence on local and global communities, students are encouraged to leverage the support of local and international partners, governmental and non-governmental organizations.


Sec 4

Giving back and Mentoring


Students will

  1. Gain knowledge of school’s needs;
  2. Appreciate their role as active and concerned students and work proactively and systematically to serve the needs of the school; and
  3. Appreciate the need to contribute back to society.

In the final year, students leave a legacy by preparing a graduation gift for the school and by mentoring younger TKGians in their community projects. This is to help graduating students develop a sense of gratitude and the spirit of giving back to their alma mater which has shaped their lives.