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Legacy in Class

The LEGACY lessons provide structured curriculum time and experiences for students to learn and apply values, knowledge and skills for Character and Citizenship education relevant to their developmental stages. They focus on the five key components, as shown in figure 1.

  Legacy Curriculum.jpg  

 Figure 1: Five components of the TKGS LEGACY Curriculum
Through the 5 components of the LEGACY Curriculum, students learn school values using 3 big ideas, identity, relationships and choices in six domains starting from self, family, school, community, nation and the world (figure 2). The LEGACY lessons also adopt a future-oriented focus through the use of life experiences and stories as contexts for learning to prepare students for future responsibilities, and equip them to make well-considered decisions. The learning objectives of the lessons support the attainment of our TKGian leadership competencies.
6 domains Legacy Curriculum.jpg 
Figure 2: Three Big ideas and six domains in the LEGACY Curriculum