The Singapore Thailand Enhanced Partnership (STEP) was first started in 1999 when Singapore first hosted some 60 students and 15 teachers from Thai schools together with their partner schools in Singapore - River Valley High, Tanjong Katong Girls', Gan Eng Seng, Anderson Sec and Dunman High. Today STEP has a total of 10 participating schools.


STEP aims to promote international understanding, collaboration and bonding between Thailand and Singapore students through cross-cultural learning and live-in experiences.

The programmes and activities are organized to foster friendship and bonding with partner schools through team building activities and common experiences, as well as to expose participants to environment and heritage conservation efforts in Singapore.


As a general procedure, STEP activities alternate in venue between Thailand and Singapore . In the year 2005, the 2 partner schools agreed to expand the STEP programme to include a twinning programme which would enrich the student experiences. For the twinning programme a group of students were immersed in a parallel programme in the host school. Likewise in 2006, TKGS hosted the twinning programme for Satri Si Suryothai School .

As of 2007, the school positioned STEP within the Aesthetics Department in order to meet our performing arts objectives and to make the learning journeys under STEP more meaningful for students. The department has reframed and refined the partnership. Within TKGS, the partnership aims to improve student learning through common school values like Determination, Humility, Integrity and Graciousness, through National Education and through the Performing Arts.

From this partnership TKGS hopes to:

  1. Create more space for students to explore different perspectives before coming to their own reasoned conclusion about issues concerning Singapore
  2. Enrich the students' experience that will broaden the horizon and develop good citizenship.
  3. Students understand their own arts heritage and recognize the diverse traditions that contribute to Singaporean arts.
  4. Understand how the arts vary according to time and place and apply this to historical and cultural understanding in creating and responding to arts works.

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