School : Tanjong Katong Girls' School

Programme/Project Title : Cultural Immersion Trip to people's Republic of China

Duration : 9 Days for school exchange programme/14 Days for Sino-Sin Students' Exchange Programme.

Brief Description of Programme/Project:

Brief details of programme/project  
  • The programme aims to promote Chinese Language learning and cultural immersion among students from Singapore and their PRC counterpart. In addition, it also encourages students to learn the rich history and culture of People's Republic of China and also the recent development in the modern China.
  • 2 separate groups of students to be led by their teachers to visit the schools for a different experiential learning and cultural immersion in China :
    1. Hostel-Stay Experience in Xi'an - Gao Xin No.1 High School 西安高新 第一中学 Selected TKGS students will attend lesson with their PRC peers in school on weekdays and shall visit the historical sites and places of interests in Xi'an during weekend during the stated period.
    2. TKGS was also selected by School to be involved in the Tianjin No.9 Middle School Exchange Programme since 2014. 

Objectives (e.g. as aligned to school strategic thrusts/external environment)
  • To promote interest of learning Chinese Language and Culture for students.
  • To provide opportunities for educational exchanges between local and foreign Chinese Students and establish good rapport between local and foreign schools. This is in line with the aims and objectives of the Committee to Promote Chinese Language Learning (CPCLL) and its Working Groups headed by Mr Wee Heng Tin, former Director-General of Education.
  • To build better rapport with PRC schools which had had already in contact due to PRC scholar's recruitment programme. To enhance better affiliation relationship.
  • To establish a learning circle network for a lifelong learning and friendship among Singapore students and their PRC counterpart.
  • To provide a platform for experiential learning in a different context and environment by organizing a school learning experience and also a hostel-stay experience with PRC students in Xi'an.
  • To put into practice their knowledge and experience gained through classroom learning.  

For whom / how many :
The school exchange programme is organized for the selected Sec 3 Chinese and Higher Chinese students / Sec 2 Chinese and Higher Chinese students for Sino-Sin Students Exchange Programme (*All based on merit and contribution to the school ) to participate in the cultural immersion and learning of Chinese Language and culture beyond classroom and local context.

Xi'An & Tian Jin

Tanjong Katong Girls’ School hosted 48 teachers and students from Xi'An Gao Xin No.1 Middle School from 03 August 2014 to 8 Aug 2014 and Tianjin No.9 Middle School from 06 August 2014 to 8 Aug 2014. The objectives of the exchange programme were to developed ties between partners schools and allow TKGians to learn about China’s history, economy, culture, environment and etc. During the short period of hosting, students were given the opportunities to communicate with China students, and improve their language skills with one another through buddy system.

In addition, the China students had the opportunity to visit many places of interest in Singapore such as Gardens by the Bay, Merlion Park, Chinatown and Sentosa. In TKGS, the China students have learned about Singapore’s education system and our history and cultures. Through the exchange programme the students have indeed gain global perspectives and widen their horizons of knowledge. 

Other than hosting programme, there is also a multicultural exchange programme which involved students from Malawi, Africa, Tianjin No.9 Middle School and Maris Stella High School, for all of us to learn more about each other’s' school life and culture. Each of the school introduced their school’s mission and values, as well as various strategies toward learning different languages. The audiences were particularly amazed by the four Malawian boys who were able to speak Chinese fluently. They shared their local customs and practices in the form of a short film made by themselves and shared with us the key to overcoming obstacles encountered when learning Chinese. The spirit of whole event came to an end when TKGians sang their favourite song <Tong Hua>, and ended perfectly with everyone singing Singapore’s national day song <Home> melodiously. Through this event, students found their common interests in learning languages and learnt from one another. This event has not only broadened our vision on different cultures, but also enhanced our knowledge and confidence in learning English and Chinese. In addition to this, we had an exclusive talk from famous author Youjin on 07 August 2014 which all of us enjoyed. She taught us valuable lessons through her life experiences and short stories. We were totally engrossed with her interesting talk and were excited to have a signature session with her. 

Before Xi'An students left, they were able to be part of our Hari Raya Celebrations and had learnt and appreciate our multi-racial culture more. They enjoyed the celebration thoroughly and found it interesting and exciting.

Concurrently, the Tianjin students and their buddies had an enjoyable Kinball Match in the school hall with the presence of their teachers and also several staff of TKGS. Teachers and students from Tianjin No.9 Middle School have also attended our National Day Celebration and they were quite impressed by our programme on the day.   Later that day, Mr Chen from Tianjin No.9 Middle School demonstrated basic brush stroke of traditional Chinese painting. Teachers and students from both schools took turns to paint, each of us drew a small portion of it, in the end, we completed a painting themed ‘plum blossom’ together.

At the end of our exchange program, many gifts were exchanged and friendships were forged. All of our students enjoyed hosting the PRC guests and we had learned more about each other's differences such as culture and habits. We sincerely hope that our PRC friends have made great memories from this trip. We were looking forward to the hosting programme again next year and hope to know more about each other once again.

From : Chinese Department



This is again the time of the year (August 2016) where we welcome guests from Xi’An, Gao Xin No. 1 Middle School. 8 teachers and 40 students visited our school and participated in various activities with us. We attended lessons together, though they may not be proficient in the language, but they participated actively in class discussion. They showed great interest in our school’s curriculum especially in Science and Mathematics.

We brought the guests to various places in Singapore, such as the Science Centre, Changi Museum, NEWater Visitor Centre. They particularly enjoyed the experience at the Newater Centre as they learned about the process of water treatment through videos, guided tour and activities. Xi’An students had an enjoyable and fun Kinball Match in the school hall together with their teachers and several TKGS staff. As part of the Mother Tongue Cultural Week, Jiu Jian, a famous Singaporean songwriter came to TKGS to give a talk to both the Xi’An guests and TKGians. Overall, this exchange trip between TKGS and our partner schools, have certainly widened our global perspectives.

By: Seow Yu Xiu ( 3E7 )