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TKGS commemorates Total Defence day with realism, with a teacher-initiated item

24 Feb 2014, 02:06pm

TKGS commemorated Total Defence Day (TDD) with a series of engaging and thought-provoking events. These events were designed based on the Understanding Goals that “A nation’s identity is tested in times of crisis” and “Preparedness to face crises comes during peacetime”

The week started with a surprise Emergency Exercise to test the preparedness of the school. An explosion was simulated in the canteen during common recess. Drama Club members were recruited to act as injured victims or care buddies. Media Club members filmed the response of the students and creatively produced a short video depicting the incident as part of a news broadcast. The video was used the next day as part of the school’s TDD Legacy Lesson to debrief students on the school’s level of preparedness. Lower Secondary students then watched a news report to contrast their response to how the Japanese responded to the tsunami in March 2011, while the Upper Secondary students discussed the “Little India Riot”.

On 14 February, a group of teachers surprised the students by putting up a performance to depict how the fall of Singapore to the Japanese on 15 February 1942 led to Singapore investing heavily in Total Defence. A highlight of the performance had teachers geared in full SAF uniform entering the Hall stealthy to demonstrate the impressiveness of our military defence. The Sec 4 Citizenship Education Reps also led the Sec 4 classes in writing notes of affirmation to their Sec 1 Juniors in their bid to build bonds within the school as part of Social Defence. 

Mrs Mary Seah closed TDD week by speaking about the impact of the move to name a new frigate after Osman Haji Mohamed Ali and Harun Said, who were convicted for the March 1965 bombing of MacDonald House on Orchard Road.

In all, a refreshing and innovative experience was designed for students to have a deeper understanding why Singapore commemorates Total Defence Day. We hope that TKGians will play their part in building Singapore to be a home that is secure and stable for all.

Excellent Service Award (EXSA) 2014

2014 EXSA Poster to Recognize Awardees in their Workplace - Kamariah.jpg
TKGS is proud to announce that Miss Kamariah Bte Osman as a recipient of the Excellent Service Award (EXSA) 2014. She has
 exemplified the commitment to excellence in the areas of administration, general operations and in particular in supporting the operations of the Science laboratories. We celebrate this accolade with her!

TKGS Guides awarded Puan Noor Aishah (PNA) Award

Last update: 4 Apr 2014, 07:54pm

TKGS Guides has been awarded with PNA Gold Award (Coy 2) and PNA Silver Award (Coy 1) for 2014. Well done guides and keep the guiding spirit alive!

TKGS Arts Fiesta on 7th - 11th April

Last update: 4 Apr 2014, 01:01pm

TKGS celebrates its 2nd Arts Fiesta this April from 7 - 11 April.  The theme for this year's Arts Fiesta, Excelsior, is a call to all TKGians to strive for excellence in the arts as well as to be bold to push the boundaries of creativity.  An exciting array of programmes from Music to Dance and Visual Art to Literary Art has been lined up to invoke the sense.  The Arts Fiesta is open to all TKGians, Staff, Parents and the Community at large.  Come and enjoy a week of performances and workshops!

TKGS NPCC won Silver Award!

4 Apr 2014, 12:54pm

The NPCC unit was awarded the Silver Award for the Unit Overall Proficiency Award for 2014. Congratulations!

Vanessa Lee finished 4th in National Cross-Country Championships

Last update: 1 Apr 2014, 11:07am

Vanessa Lee (4E8) finished 4th in the National Cross-country Championships with a time of 14.46. TKGS B Division Team finished 8th and C Division finished 15th overall.

TKGians in 5th & 6th position in the National Chess Championships

Last update: 27 Mar 2014, 08:56pm
Chua Wen Xuan Tammy of 1E5, obtained 5th in the 66th National Schools Chess Championships 2014 C-Div Girls & 1st in the East Zone. Tang Hui-Ting Sarah of 1E2, obtained 6th & 2nd in the East Zone.


Friends of Singa

Last update: 1 Apr 2014, 10:45am

TKGS FOS ambassadors will be organising a graciousness campaign through various school-wide activities. You may visit tkgsthelittlethings.blogspot.com for updates on the activities.

Congratulations to the TKGS Sailors!

Last update: 21 Apr 2014, 11:38am

TKGS 'B' and 'C' division sailors achieved 1st place and 3rd place respectively in the 2014 National Sailing Championships. Well done sailors for the well-deserved achievement.

Badminton 'B' Division Girls 4th Placing in the East Zone Inter-School Badminton Championships 2014

Last update: 24 Mar 2014, 12:04pm

The 'B' Division shuttlers attained 4th placing in the East Zone Inter-school Badminton Championships 2014. Congratulations!

Netball 'B' & 'C' Division 3rd Placing (East Zone)

Both 'B' and 'C' division Netball teams achieved 3rd placing in the East Zone Netball Championships. In the 3rd/4th placing game, the 'B' & 'C' teams beat St Hilda's Sec 23-16 & 31-29 respectively

Softball 'B' Division National Champions!

24 Mar 2014, 12:05pm

On 11th March 2014, the TKGS ‘B’ Division softball team played in the finals of the National Softball Championship 2014 against St Theresa's Convent. TKGS won with a score of 7-5.

Bowling 'B' Division Girls 4th Placing in the National Inter-School Tenpin Bowling Championships

24 Mar 2014, 12:00pm

The 'B' Division bowlers attained 4th placing in the National Inter-school Tenpin Bowling Championships 2014. Well done girls!