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Parents Gateway


We are pleased to inform you that our school is now on board parents gateway.

Parents Gateway (PG) Mobile App is an initiative by MOE to enable parents to interact with schools more
conveniently on administrative and financial matters. Parents will also be able to use this app to stay updated on 
our school’s programme and activities. 

PG App will be implemented in all schools over the course of 2019. If you have two or more children and they are 
in different schools, you will be able to receive notifications for all your children on the same PG App. 

For 2019, we strongly encourage all parents to download and use the PG App as it will bring significant benefits 
for you. 


The Parents Gateway mobile app is available both Google Play and iTunes stores. 
Please note that it is only available for parents with SingPass accounts. Click here to Register for Singpass
It is a one-time set up using the SingPass Log ID and password. 

Watch this Video - Getting Started with Parents Gateway 

To safeguard our students’ data, only parents who are registered in the official student records in the 
MOE database will be able to use the mobile app. 

*Please note that the information shown on Parents Gateway is taken from the student records in the MOE database. 
If there are any discrepancies in the data shown on Parents Gateway, please contact the school at tkgs@moe.edu.sg
to update the data.

Basic steps:

  • Search for ‘Parents Gateway’ mobile app. 
  • Download and install the app onto your phone. 
  • Enable ‘Allow Notifications’ to receive push notifications. 

There are two new features that are available for parents from 20 August 2019. The features are automatically updated
on parents’ devices if they have enabled the auto-update feature. Otherwise, parents can update their app through Apple
App Store or Google Play Store to enjoy these features. 

(a) Email Notification Parents can now have the option to turn on email notifications. This feature will trigger alert when
 there is a new message sent by PG. Parents would still log in to PG to view the entire message and respond to consent 
forms. These will ensure parents do not miss out on new announcements or consent forms sent by the school. 

(b) App Update notification When a new version of PG app is released, parents would receive an alert to update their 
current app to enjoy the latest version. This will only be available to parents after they have upgraded their mobile
 version of PG to v3.1.

If you have any further questions not covered above, please contact Ms. Purva Arora