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Student Well-being

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TKGS is committed to care for the well-being of our students. To this end, the school sought to understand the unique experiences of our students at each secondary level, and identified outcomes they are to be developed in so that they are able to navigate each year successfully.

Student Experiences
Sec 1
Transition from Pri Sch to Sec 1
- New school environment with diff practices
- Make new friends
- New classmates, CCA mates, House mates, Seniors
- Increase in no. of subjects
- Learn to play a role in the community
- More choices; make more independent decisions
A well-adjusted TKGian who
- is initiated into the TKGian culture
- has friends who are positive influences; knows a teacher whom she can seek advice and counsel
- takes action to manage her new academic curriculum well
- sensibly raises awareness for issues she is passionate about
Sec 2
Finding herself in TKGS
- Finding one’s identity
- Settling into established friendships
- Streaming year
- Increased participation in competitions (CCA, inter-class, academics etc.)
- Increase in number of activities that require them to work in groups for long periods (CMPS, mProse, oral coms)
A positive TKGian who
- has positive self-esteem
-has deeper positive friendships and manages conflicts in relationships
- is focused on working towards common goals and is a team player
- takes action to manage expectations and stress, academics or otherwise
- thinks critically, explore solutions and initiate actions for issues she is passionate about
Sec 3
Transition from Sec 2 into Sec 3
- New class, new friendships
- Increase in academic rigour of subjects
- Increased expectations of being self-directed
- Become student leaders (CCA, PB, SLN, ViA etc.)
- Face multiple demands on their time and multiple expectations from different areas
- Manage disappointments, academic or otherwise
A confident TKGian leader who
- sustains old friendships and builds new ones
- has a strong support system that provides wise counsel and helps in her management of stress
- is a self-directed learner who manages multiple roles and expectations effectively
- takes sensible action to champion issues she is passionate about in the local and international community
- develops into a TKGian leader
Sec 4
Graduation Year and Sitting for National Examination
- Face high expectation to perform; high stress level
- Have to confront reality, delay gratification and overcome distractions
- Make key decisions for their future
- Handing over of CCA/ leadership positions
- Forging stronger friendship and school bonds
An accomplished TKGian who
- has a sense of mission and a spirit of excellence
- has a strong support system and applies effective strategies to manage stress of national examinations
- influences and guide others
- is appreciative of the school; leverages on strong TKGian network
- fulfils her potential