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A fond farewell to a 'school icon'

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Singapore-Brunei Twinning Programme

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TKGS Malay-TL Department Visit to Tutong, Brunei Darussalam

On the 6th April 2016, forty teachers and students from Sekolah Menengah Sufri Bolkiah  (SMSB) and Tanjong Katong Girls’ School (TKGS) embarked on a learning journey to Tutong province, Brunei Darussalam. Awang Muhd Hafizuddin  and Mr Mohd Zain Mohamed led the delegation from SMSB and TKGS respectively.

The objective of the learning journey is to introduce to the students  of both schools the economic  activities and products manufactured by  the residents of Tutong province under the One Village One Product (1K1P) Programme.  The visitors were then brought to the Community Activity Centre MPMK, Gallery 2,  Tutong Province Committee  to listen to a briefing about the function and role of Tutong Province Committee which is based on the concept of Development together with the People.

Students and teachers of SMSB and TKGS’ visit did not stop there. They were brought to visit Sungai Basong Recreation Park where they were delighted to see the traditional homes and learn more about the lifestyles of the five ethnic groups, namely the Tutong , Kedayan, Dusun, Iban and Tiong Hua.

The visit ended with the visit to the landmark of Sungai Tutong at Tatangan Persiaran Sungai Tutong.

Translated by Mdm Alena

TKGS Senior Teacher on the Founders’ Memorial

Ms Yogeswari presented with Inspiring English Teacher of English Award 

Source: The Straits Times © Singapore Press Holdings Limited. Permission required for reproduction” 15/10/2015

TKGS students attended the Girls2Pioneer Day Camp

An enriching post-examination activity for our Sec 2 cohort who took part in the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) Girls2Pioneer Day Camp organised by the Singapore Committee for UN Women. 

TKGS in the 50 Waves of Cheers

50 Waves of Cheer is a two-hour SEA Games-themed roadshow that was brought to various schools in Singapore. Ex-TKGians, Kimberly and Savannah, together with our Team Singapore athletes from Basketball, Sailing and Softball, shared with us first-hand tips on the value of sports and their preparations for the 28th SEA Games. You can find out more here @ 

TKGS Student crowned Best Debater at Bahas 2015 (4PM)

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In preparation for the venture to the space, Cherie Lim, a student of Tanjong Katong Girls' School actively engaged in various training. She travelled to Vietnam to experience skydiving, and Tioman Island to obtain her diving licence. Despite the hours spent in various training sessions, she managed to attain 5 A1s and 3 A2s in her O Level Examinations.

Cherie’s father, an aeronautical engineer had been bringing her to numerous aviation show in Singapore and France since she was 5, she was inspired and as she grows, her desire to be an astronaut deepens. When the Singapore Space and Technology Association, the Science Centre Board and local technology company IN.Genius announced that they are going to launch a Singaporean into space, Cherie signed up.

Fluent and mature, Cherie impressed the panel with her enthusiasm and her heart for community services. As the youngest applicant, she feels that her young age could form a bridge with future generations interested in the field. She sees her journey so far as an adventure.

In order to obtain her diving licence, she was in Tioman Island the day before her O Level Chinese paper. “The bus journey from Tioman Island to Singapore is around 8 hours, I used it to study and prepare for my Chinese paper the very next day. I reached home around 9 pm at night, and went for the examination at 8 am”. She mentioned that the training did not affect her study, as she started her revision very early.

After receiving her results, Cherie wishes to pursue her study at Victoria Junior College. 

Long-time staff Mr Abdullah Basiron is well loved by all at Tanjong Katong Girls’ School.

Source: Challenge Magazine, PS21 Office, Public Service Division, Prime Minister's Office

At under 1.5 metres tall, his diminutive stature belies his importance in the daily operations of Tanjong Katong Girls’ School (TKGS).

Since 1973, Mr Abdullah Basiron, or more affectionately known to students as “Dollah”, has worked tirelessly to ensure that the school grounds stay spick and span. The Operations Support Officer is the school’s longest-serving staff. In the last 41 years, he has been a familiar face through generations of TKGS staff, students and even parents.

With his characteristic grin and quick-step gait, Mr Dollah can often be seen (and heard) whistling and jangling his keys – breaking many a monotonous lesson and alerting students to his presence. His job entails keeping the classrooms clean, throwing out the rubbish, watering the plants and locking up the classrooms in the evening after everyone has gone home.

But he often goes out of his way to do more. He often stays back in school whenever there are management meetings in the evening, or for any last-minute matters that require him to be around after closing time.

“The school seems to trust me to get the job done,” he says with a laugh.

The students themselves have benefited from Mr Dollah’s helpfulness too, with both current and former students having only good things to say about him. Ms Dalilah Ghazalay, a student who graduated in 1987, says: “He is well remembered by the Malay Literary, Drama & Debating Society students for helping out when needed, usually to help move heavier props.”

Mr Dollah says he enjoys helping the girls and is happy that many former students still recognise him: “Some have stopped me in the streets to say ‘hi’!”

The cheerful and chatty man is often heard singing as he works. What he likes most about his job, Mr Dollah says, is the environment. “Everyone is friendly and my colleagues are helpful. Plus, the school’s near my house.”

Mr Dollah received his long service award in August this year, and although he’s turning 61 soon, he’s not looking to retire yet. “God willing, I hope to work as long as I can until my services are no longer required.”

The writer, Ami Ismail, is an ex-TKGS girl.

Mr Yap Boon Chien featured in MOE Workplan Seminar

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Izzah Aqilah won 'Best Actress' in Malay Theater Competition

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They are also defending the pioneer teachers

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5 teachers receive President's Award

'They are picked from a record of 10,600 nominated for their professions's highest recognition'

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World champion at the age of 15, KIMBERLY LIM has come a long way after battling her fears for the rough seas

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Optimist sailors defeat Peru to win second World Championship

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Kimberly, 15, crown Sailor of the Year

Kimberly Lim receiving her award from Dr Tony Tan, guest of honour at SingaporeSailing's annual awards dinner, last night. The Tanjong Katong Girls' School Secondary 3 student had won the Asian Optimist Championships just two days earlier.

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Capai keputusan cemerlang buat ibu yang sudah pergi

Pelajar kematian ibu antara 11 murid Melayu TKGS catat kerjayaan baik dalam GCE 'O'

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Natasha Yokoyama has been working hard since last year to improve her performances in the Byte CII Classand make a mark in this month's Youth Olympic Games 

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Top marks for S'pore education

Finland, S. Korea also praised in global report on the quality of teachers

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Kimberly keeps Open title

Asian Games silver medallist Kimberly Lim was the top performer, finishing ahead of runner up Matthew Lam to retain her title in the Open Category, Elisa Yokoyama came in third.

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