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Writer among TKGS Staff


Congratulations to our Mother Tongue teacher, Mdm Meenatchi. She was was invited to write a short story for a local publication company, 2 years ago. Her story appears in the publication, 'Balik Kampung, Part 3' and it was launched on 8 November 2016 at the Singapore Writers' Festival.

Details of launch can be found in the following link:

2016 Team Community Problem Solving Competition (Middle Division

2016 CmPS Competition.JPG

We are proud to announce that the following Secondary Three students from TKGS+ have represented the school with distinction by achieving second place in the 2016 Team Community Problem Solving Competition (Middle Division) organized by the Future Problem Solving Program Singapore. The students will get an opportunity to represent Singapore at the FPSP International Conference held at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse in 2017.
The students are 
1. Himanshi Samir Mehta 3/1
2. Amanulla Hajira 3/3
3. Lee Yoon Li Madeline 3/3
4. Hanisah Liana Btw Anifah 3/5
5. Murugan Sinegha 3/6
6. Nadheera Firdous Mohamed R 3/6
7. Nafisa Sheriffa D/O Mohamed A 3/6
8. Natalie Chan Weng Kay 3/6
9. Simundo Kristina Gweneth Ponce 3/6
10. B Viveka 3/7
11. Tapay Charissa Isabel Baluya 3/7