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TKGSians Entered the Finals of the SMU Youth Innovation Competition Again!

On the 8th of April 2016, we were delighted to be one of 6 school teams shortlisted for the Finals of the SMU Youth Innovation Challenge. This was a competition which stretched our creativity and problem-solving skills tremendously because we had to write business reports and collaborate to create an innovative product.

On the day of the presentation, we had to present our business proposal and the prototype of our smart key-holder to judges who were entrepreneurs themselves, at the SMU Mochtar Riady Auditorium. It was indeed a nerve-wrecking experience as we had to think on our feet to answer their questions. Through this experience, we gained the kind of knowledge and confidence we can never get from the classroom.

We are thankful for the assistance given to us by the Design and Technology Unit in the building of our prototype and the never-ending support and encouragement given to us by our school leaders and teachers.

By: Chuang Xi Er Beatriz (4/4) & Wong Lim Ting (4/5)

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United Nations Mock Conferences 2016

UN Mock Conference is a simulation of UN’s Committee to raise students’ awareness of political, economic, social and environmental issues around the world. It is a role-play where students assumed the role of delegates of countries assigned to them. They are required to study about the countries and the issues they faced. Like in the UN conferences, students will be required to discuss about regional and global issues, and propose resolutions. This widens students' general knowledge and global awareness. 

Every year, TKGS students take part in various UN Mock conferences. This year, TKGS students took part in the UN Mock Conferences organised by NUS High School of Mathematics and Science, St Joseph Institution UN Mock Conference, as well as a preparatory Conference organised by United Nations Association of Singapore.

The conference provided students the platform to learn more in-depth about countries they were assigned to research on. Not only did the girls learn to share confidently when proposing their resolutions, they were also able to appreciate the diverse perspectives pertaining to an issue.