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Curricular Features

The department offers the following subjects:

Lower Secondary



Upper Secondary

Pure Geography

Elective Geography

Pure History

Elective History

Social Studies


The Humanities Programmes focuses on engaging students using Inquiry-based approach to develop critical thinking and independent learning. Students learn to ask inquiry questions, identify and locate evidence or data, construct interpretations and verify validity of interpretations made. In addition, the Humanities department organises enrichment programmes to further extend learning beyond the confines of the classroom such as

Local Field Trips

•  Coastal field studies at East Coast Park

•  Water studies at ABC Waterway 

Other Enrichment

  • 'Wheel of Life' current affairs talks by experts
  • Humanities Day @ TKGS

Wheel of Life series

As part of the school's efforts to promote greater cross-cultural awareness and literacy, two distinguished speakers were invited to dialogue with TKGians this term through our Wheel of Life series.


Sharing by Deputy Director of ASEAN Directorate, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ms Ng Boon Yian at the Wheel of Life Series. She shared with us about the work of ASEAN and its role in maintaining peace and promoting cooperation in the region. She impressed on us the need to understand different cultural and historical contexts of countries, when working on areas pertaining to international relations and friendships. 


Dean of International and Professional Experience, Yale-NUS College, Ms Anatasia Vrachnos, shared with us on her widespread international experience. She called for us to get out of our comfort zones to get a deeper understanding of other cultures, so as to better understand their societies and people - an important facet of living and working in the 21st century.