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Our Philosophy

The Aesthetics Department aims to nurture students who are Women of Grace with the ability to be critical and inventive thinkers in their appreciation and pursuit of the arts.  At its heart are teachers dedicated in delivering an enriching and rewarding Arts Education for every student.

To achieve the school’s Strategic Thrust of providing a robust and progressive arts curriculum, teachers develop a programme that will engage students in their learning through Imagination and Inquiry.  In this aspect, the Aesthetics Department would be able to prepare our students for the 21st Century by equipping them with the 21st Century Competencies, in particular, Critical and Inventive Thinking skills.  The Department has adopted the Capacities for Imaginative Learning developed by the Lincoln Center Institute (LCI) in teaching and developing the necessary skills required in every student in their pursuit in arts education.

In nurturing our students, the Aesthetics Department has adopted the following Habits of Mind:

·          Thinking Flexibly

·         Questioning and Posing Problems

·         Creating, Imagining, Innovating

·         Responding with Wonderment and Awe


TKGS Aesthetics Framework

The Arts Education programme is guided by the Aesthetics Framework which seeks to develop TKGians into Women of Grace, who are critical and inventive thinkers in their appreciation and pursuit of the arts. The framework demonstrates our student-centered ethos where we first seek to understand our students before designing relevant arts education programmes that lead to our desired student outcome. 

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