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Principal's Message

As we start a new school year, we enter a new season of learning. 

This year we received a new batch of 240 Sec 1 students. With the 2021 cohort, we had a very significant increase in the percentage of Sec 1 students choosing TKGS as their top 3. Good news indeed! And we are very thankful. 

The school theme for this year is,  

Fortitudo. Exorior. Novum Folium, meaning Fortitude, Arise, Anew. 

This Year Theme is jointly conceptualised by the Prefectorial Board EXCO, with the artistic theme design co-created by the student leaders, Mr David Chung (Assistant Year Head) and myself.

It is my delight to share the thinking behind the Year Theme so that you may be encouraged by the depth of thought our student leaders put in to conceptualise the Year Theme.  

2021 Year Theme

There is no doubt that 2020 was a tumultuous year. Even then, it was wonderful to see the TKGS family rally together to support one another through difficult times. Be it the students, teachers or administrative staff, we all came together as one, and faced the adversity head-on. Thus, we wish to bring this spirit of unity, fortitude and adaptability into the year 2021. We pledge to stand together and love one another like we always have. Hence, Fortitudo – Fortitude as the first part of the Year Theme.

In 2021, we want TKGians to continue striving forward even in the toughest conditions. As we press forward step by step, we learn to await better days and hope will arise in us. This is signified by the torch. The 2nd part of the Year Theme: Exorior - Arise. 

The burning flame represents a hopeful desire to rise above even in the face of adversity. Our sincere hope is that TKGians will raise their torches up high, and blaze through dark times and whatever obstacles with resilience and sheer will. Yet not for ourselves alone. With our own light, we will also light up the way for those around us whose torches may have been extinguished.

In the theme design, leaves and flowers are set against a triangle or the delta sign which represents change. The geranium symbolises fortitude because the geranium is a very resilient flower that can withstand extreme cold or heat. The other flower is the carnation, the birth flower of those born in January. Therefore the carnation signifies the rebirth of TKGS to emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic even stronger than before. 

We envisage 2021 to be a fresh, new start for TKGians. No matter how many changes or obstacles we may face in the coming year, we will always have the courage to change and adapt, to turn over a new leaf and start afresh along with our dearest teachers and friends in TKGS. This is the 3rd part of the Year Theme: Novum Folium – Anew. 

On this note, I wish all TKGians a hopeful 2021. Stay positive, be adaptable, learn new things and create new memories with one another. Most importantly, always keep a grateful heart and make the school proud in everything you do!

Yours sincerely,
Ms Chew Ing Lim