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The idea of forming an Alumni was brought about by Mrs Huang Chai Lean, a former principal of TKGS.

In early 1987, she invited a group of former students to form the Pro-temp committee. This committee drafted up the direction for the Alumni and made the necessary preparations for its official formation.

Hence, the TKGS Alumni was registered on 15 October 1987.


  • to develop and maintain a true spirit of loyalty for the Alma Mater.
  • to maintain close links with the Alma Mater so as to help her achieve her objectives.
  • to enable members to renew ties for mutual benefits

Our aspiration for being a school of distinction must start from within, with the girls who come through our portals understand how special it is to be TKGian, to understand the obligations and responsibilities in upholding that tradition of excellence which we have built over 60 years. With this in mind, the TKGS Truly curriculum was developed to ensure that generations of TKGians to come will appreciate and magnify the history, culture and ethos of TKGS. This is supported by the Alumni and Youth Chapter, which was established in 2013 when the school celebrated its 60th anniversary.