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Code of Conduct


  • I will show respect for national symbols.  I will sing the National Anthem and say the Pledge.
  • I will show respect for those in authority and not be rude or defiant towards them.
  •  I will care for fellow schoolmates. I will be courteous and show respect for others through my words and actions.  Regardless of the circumstances, I will not bully others, hurt or frighten others using authority, strength or words, whether in face-to-face interactions, in cyberspace or telecommunications online.
  • I will avoid using vulgarities in any context (whether in speech, writing, sms or online).
  • I will abide by the CA/Examination Instructions to Candidates.  I will not cheat in tests and examinations (e.g. bringing notes, copying from others, allowing others to copy from me, tampering with marks).
  • I will not forge Medical Certificates or signatures for permissions letters or acknowledgement forms.
  • I will use my handphone and other electronic devices (e.g. MP3 player) only at designated areas (Foyer, Void Deck, Art Gallery and Canteen), or unless with a teacher’s consent and in her/his presence.  I understand and accept that the penalty for breaking this rule is the confiscation of my handphone or electronic device by the school.  I will be responsible for the safe-keeping of such devices if I bring them to school.
  • Outside of school, I will be mindful that I am an ambassador of the school and behave in a way that upholds my school’s honour and reputation.


I will carry myself in dignity and self-respect.  I will adopt a good posture and sit properly at all times.

School Attire

  • I will wear my school uniform with pride, whether I am within or outside the school premises. 
  • Home attire is not allowed unless prior permission has been granted.
  • I will respect the school’s guidelines on uniform and not make modifications to it.
  • The TKGS uniform is a green-striped short sleeved blouse with shirt collar and dark green pinafore.
  • During school vacation, I may wear the TKGS PE/Class/House/CCA T-shirt instead of the blouse under the pinafore.
  • The pinafore should be mid knee-length.
  • My school belt should be fastened with hook and bar through the hoops on both sides of the pinafore.

School Badges & Name-tags

  • I will wear the school badge at all times on the left side of my pinafore.
  • I will wear my name tag above the school badge at all times within school premises. My name tag must bear my registered name and not be defaced.                                                     

Shoes and socks

  • My shoes should be all-white, and worn with  white socks, clearly visible.
  • Allowances may be made for a thin coloured stripe above the sole, and for small coloured logos.


  • I will wear my hair neatly, ensuring that my fringe does not touch my eyebrows.  If I have long hair below the collar, I will tie it up neatly.  If I have a long fringe, I will pin it up securely.
  • I will not dye or tint my hair.
  • I will only wear hair accessories (e.g. hair-band) that are solid black in colour.

Jewellery and accessories

  • I will not wear jewellery, other than an identical pair of gold/silver ear-studs/earrings of simple design on the earlobes, or in its place, transparent and colourless ear-sticks. 
  • I will not wear any other accessories (e.g. friendship band, wrist band, nose studs).


  • My fingernails will be clean and trimmed, and will not extend beyond my fingertips when seen with my palms facing up.
  • I will not wear any nail polish or varnish on my fingernails.


  • I will not wear any make-up, Henna designs or tattoos.


  • If I have to wear a sweater or cardigan to school, I will wear the TKGS Hoodie or approved CCA jackets.
  • If I do not own these, I may also wear a sweater or cardigan that is in 1 colour (white, black or navy blue) with minimal design.