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Fundraising Projects

65th Anniversary and Fund-raising Dinner


A total of 1000 donation cards were distributed to Sec 1 to 4 students, Alumni, SAC members and staff by March 2017. The first wave of donation card collection is planned at end May 2017. A final collection of donation card collection is planned at end Sept/October 2017. 

Letters were also sent to all recently graduated students and their parents who were beginning their post-secondary education.

The school will be exploring IT platforms to enable donors to send in their donations with greater ease.


A series of student organized fund raising projects added to the coffers of TKGS 2020 Building Fund. The Prefectorial Board kicked-started the year with sale of hear shaped balloons in Feb 2017 in conjunction with Valentine’s Day. The one day project raised an impressive amount of $526*. 

In Feb 2017, Sec 4E3 sold specially designed cards to fellow school mates and collected $400* for the building fund.

The students from Sec 4E4 organized a sale of ‘Goodluck San bag’ containing a hotchpotch of candies and snacks and small gifts, bought to be gifted to friends who were preparing for the Mid-Year Examinations. 

The class of Sec 4E2 organized the sale of ice-cream and yogurt and drinks meant for Cross Country Sports Day. Although the Cross Country day was cancelled due to bad weather, nevertheless students enjoyed the ice-cream and frozen yogurt the following day. This project added $906.70* to the building fund. Yippee!

“Sempre appassionata” is organized by few ‘good friends’ who ‘play instruments’ and want to come together despite the looming MT O Level examinations and having just ‘recovered’ from the intensity of the Mid-Year Exams in their Sec 4 year. Do watch this space for original compositions!

The Literary and Debating Society of the school published a book on their works called “Passion for Words” at the end of 2016. Collated by teachers and students of the LDS, this book captures different aspects of school life and the students’ journey through adolescence. Copies available from the General Office and any LDS member or teacher. 

ALUMNI PROJECT “All Hands On Deck”

TKGS Alumni initiated a project called “All Hands On Deck”, which stems from the nautical motifs many ex-TKGians would associate with our URA-preserved school hall along Tanjong Katong Road. In similar vein, in order to preserve a part of the 20 Dunman Lane school hall, Architect Ms Tan Hui Yu, a TKGS alumnus who spent her formative years in the Dunman Lane campus, suggested that we save 100 floor boards for posterity. Many fond memories of school were associated with sitting, prancing, standing at attention on these boards in the school hall. Alumni members are encouraged to buy a board as a class or as a group of classmates or as an individual. Donations of $1,000 and above will entitle the names of the class or individual donor names to be placed/engraved on the board they had purchased. Each board will form part of a feature wall, a display cabinet, a partition or any other interior décor or furniture at the TKGS Heritage Gallery. Therefore, do “Buy a Board, and Leave a Legacy”! We certainly need all hands on deck for this fundraiser! Interested members may register with Alumni Committee.

In addition, a few members of the alumni is planning an event “Class of 1983 Birthday Bash” to be held on 12 August 2017 at the holding school hall at 2 Bedok South Road. Details of the event will be published nearer the date.

We invite all interested donors to consider naming rights to the TKGS Heritage Gallery and Archives which will be an air-conditioned gallery that fronts the school. Please contact the TKGS Alumni or TKGS General Office to discuss possibilities.


An Alumni and current parent of Sec 3 volunteered to sponsor the printing of 1000 car decals /bumper stickers for sale. The design and tagline or the car decal/bumper sticker is underway. 


During Teacher Parent Conference with Secondary 2 and Secondary 3 parents on 10 & 11 March 2017, parents supported the sale of TKGS memorabilia which added $492* to the building fund.

With the generous support of Alumni, parents and students during the TKGS-Edina Symphonic Band held at Esplanade on 28 March 2017, $751* from the sale was added to the building fund. 

For more information on how to purchase TKGS memorabilia, please contact the General Office at 6344 1593.

2016 HOMECOMING @ 20 Dunman Lane - The Great Green Move

Homecoming event was held on 19 November 2016. It was an evening of fun, 
joy and laughter as more than 1,000 former and current students and staff gather at 20 Dunman Lane before the “Great Green Move” to holding school. Alumni and guests donated and purchased TKGS memorabilia such as TKGS Truly books, dolls, bears, tumblers, parachord key chains, thumb drives, draw string bags and many more. 

The event raised a total of $ 12,512 for the TKGS 2020 Building fund.*