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School Vision, Mission & Values

Our Vision

Gracious Woman, Inquisitive Learner, Servant Leader

Our Mission

Nurturing lifelong learners and stewards who lead from within and have an impassioned spirit to serve common good

Our Values

Resilience, Integrity, Compassion, Humility, Sincerity, Respect, Gratitude

Our Motto

Moribus Modestus (Demure & Resolute)

Our Leadership Framework

The TKGian Leadership Philosophy

In our TKGian leadership philosophy, we believe that every TKGian can be nurtured into a leader. Leadership in TKGS is not about position, rank or title. It is a mindset demonstrated through role-modelling our school values (resilience, integrity, compassion, humility, sincerity, respect and gratitude). Leadership begins with “self”. A TKGian leader shows self-awareness, self-confidence, self-discipline, and cultivates a habit of constant reflection towards self-improvement.

Leadership in TKGS goes beyond self. It also involves exerting a positive influence on others. The true spirit of leadership in TKGS is about leading through service to others in the community. It is best illustrated in the school song as “noble service” to others and working for “selfless fame”.

Our leadership philosophy is encapsulated in our TKGian Compass (figure 1). The TKGian Compass serves as the TKGian leader's moral Compass, guiding her thoughts and actions as she embarks on her leadership journey.
A TKGian leader does not wait passively for leadership opportunities to come her way. She seizes opportunities in the 4 pathways of leadership (as shown in the leadership Quest Map in figure 2), namely,

  • Role-modelling
  • Student-initiated projects
  • School-initiated projects
  • Formal leadership positions


In all her endeavours to serve and lead, the TKGian leader seeks to broaden her impact and influence, starting with,
  • Self
  • Class/CCA
  • School
  • Nation
  • World

At the end of their leadership journey, all TKGians will reach the Rainbow DOTE (Desired Outcomes of TKGian Education). The Rainbow (figure 3) represents the colourful journey and diverse learning experiences that all TKGians will have. These will culminate in the Desired Outcomes of TKGian Education, or DOTE. At the end of Secondary 4, a TKGian is an accomplished young woman of character and grace who:

  • acts with determination, believing in her abilities, adapting to change and striving for excellence;
  • serves with humility, putting others before self, showing care and concern for others through word and deed, working in teams and respecting diverse views;
  • leads with integrity, role-modelling values, making responsible decisions, exercising initiative and displaying courage and resilience in the face of challenges;
  • grows in graciousness, appreciating the aesthetics, cultivating a healthy lifestyle, and becoming a caring, active and loyal citizen of Singapore ;
  • builds on the past to meet the challenges of the future, anchored by a deep sense of belonging and understanding of one's heritage, solving problems creatively, communicating effectively, thinking and learning independently, interdependently and reflectively.