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Principal's Message

PrincipalAs we start a new school year, we enter a new season of learning.

This year we received a new batch of 240 Sec 1 students and we are especially happy with the high percentage of Sec 1 students choosing TKGS as their top 3. We also see an increase in the number of students putting TKGS as 1st choice. Good news indeed!

On this note, I wish to thank the teachers, support staff, alumni and parents who helped out at the school Open House and Ask the Leaders’ Session in November last year. To all the students who put up a great showcase of the CCA and subject booths, thank you for being good ambassadors for the school. The atmosphere was fantastic, energy high and there were many good compliments from those who visited.

The school theme for this year is Ausa Volare, which means being daring to soar to greater                                                             heights.

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As we settle into the second year at the new Dunman Lane campus and welcome 2020, we want to take the first few steps of courage to break out of our comfort zone, to be daring to soar, and to reach new heights together as a school.

The theme, Ausa Volare, reminds us that although embarking on a new phase of growth is not easy, we must first take the leap of faith to dare to soar --- it can be, a secondary one student seeking to adapt to a new environment, a secondary two class having a new teacher, a secondary three girl adjusting to new classmates and subject combination, or a secondary four student closing the last chapter of their secondary school life and establishing a legacy for the future batches. We all need to be brave-hearted and find courage from within to soar through the clouds of self-doubt, fears and discomfort with changes. 

On this note, I wish all TKGians a hopeful 2020. Embrace new things, set new goals, enjoy new learning, make new friends, create new memories with one another. Most importantly, make the school proud in everything you do!

Yours sincerely,

Ms Chew Ing Lim