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Principal's Message


Leaders of Character, Women of Grace
The TKGS motto moribus modestus (of being both resolute and demure) distinguishes the TKGian brand of holistic education. Indeed, the TK spirit of character and grace is encapsulated in the figurine that graces the entrance of the school. She represents the many accomplished young women who have passed through the portals of this school. It is indeed a privilege to be able to serve in such a distinguished institution.

To be a TKgian is to be a leader with determination, humility, integrity and grace.
The first verse of the school song ends with a gentle reminder that ‘There's always noble service for noble souls to do'. The TK spirit inspires every TK girl to join many others who have gone before her, to contribute to the better good of others. Leveraging on the deep sense of belonging to such a tradition, we nurture future TKGians to be creative stewards of their talents, leading with humility, displaying initiative and moral courage in their service. Our wish is that TKGS girls will be at the forefront, leading and working alongside others for the good of the community, nation and in time to come, the world at large.

TKGS has always been synonymous with excellence .
In the academic realm, we inspire TKGians to be resolute in their pursuit of knowledge, to develop a certain intellectual tenacity to engage with, apply, deepen and further extend what they learn. Through a robust, vibrant and progressive four-year curriculum, we teach students to deepen their understanding of the world around them, and help them develop enduring skills and competencies for the future. Through utilizing a pedagogy of understanding, we hope to nurture in our girls a sense of curiosity and imagination, and ultimately a sense of confidence in their ability to perceive, apply and extend the knowledge they acquire.

The TK spirit is nurtured in a vibrant arts environment.
The Arts presents with it unique ways of perceiving the world and expressing oneself. The TKGS experience is made special by a pervasive exposure to the Arts, as many TKGS alumni fondly remember their schooldays by. We are committed to nurturing our girls to creatively engage with and be inspired by the various artforms and the multiple social and cultural perspectives that are communicated through them. We believe that to be a gracious individual, one needs be able to appreciate diversity and honor unique ways of looking at the world.

There is no doubt that TKGS has stood its ground as an excellent school these 60 years. I would like to invite all who take an interest in the TKGS community to step forward and be stewards of this rich tradition. I am counting on you, so collectively, we can make the TKGS experience a remarkable one.

Mary Seah (Mrs)