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TKGS Homecoming

Homecoming event was indeed a special one, especially because it was in commemoration with SG50. Indeed, true to the spirit of celebration, many turned up decked in red and had a great time meeting friends both old and new and celebrating everything that is truly TKGS. What was truly special was that this Homecoming had a focus on our pioneers, those who lifted TKGS on their shoulders and gave us the foundation on which we built the school. Pioneers who attended the event include ex-Principal Mrs Huang Chai Lean and Geography teacher Ms Koh Sauk Yee. Alumni members including Mrs Sally Lee and Miss Sharon Kwek, President of the TKGS Alumni took turns to give tributes to their teachers who had made in impact on them. Mrs Rosalind Quek also took time to share with the younger TKGians her advice on how we could keep the school spirit strong. Generations of TKGians owe it to our pioneers for giving us not only a school but also a second home where some of the best memories were made and friendships were forged. The game that was hosted by one of our senior teachers, Mrs Rita Lopez, really triggered our memory using images and anecdotes from the past. It also made us feel that everyone in the room was connected one way or another, in this unique sisterhood, despite differences in age, race and language. All in all, it was a wonderful platform to connect and recollect. It was perhaps most apt to end the event with a nostalgic singing of the school song accompanied by old images of faces and places of TKGS. Indeed, once a TKGian, always a TKGian.

Written by Vaishnavi Vasudevan (Chairman of Youth Alumni)

Alumni Programmes for TKGS Students 2015/2016

Calling all TKGS Alumnae!  We are looking for volunteers and/or sponsors to support programmes meant for TKGians.  These activities will take place between Oct 2015 to Jan 2016! 

They are:

A. Graduation Memento for Sec 4 Graduation Day on 2 Oct 2015 (Calling for SPONSORS)

The Alumni hopes to sponsor a souvenir for the graduating class of 2015. In 2014, each graduating pupil received a T-shirt and we are targeting to provide a similar gift this year.  

TKGS alumni.jpg

Please make a contribution so that we can give the girls a memento by which to mark a major milestone in life.

B.  Shopping and Packing for Charity in Jan 2016 (Calling for VOLUNTEERS &/or SPONSORS)

Each year in January/February, the Secondary Three cohort spends a week engaging in activities to supplement classroom learning and enhance bonding. The majority participate in the Outward Bound School (OBS) programme. Those who are unable to attend OBS partake in a schedule loosely termed the “non-OBS programme”.


For 2016, TKGS Alumni is organising a charity drive under the non-OBS programme. Pupils will spend a morning at a supermarket learning the basics of buying household essentials. This is followed by instruction on packing the items for distribution. The next day, pupils will visit a neighbourhood to distribute the hampers and interact with recipients.

The Alumni is appealing for your support in cash and kind (guiding the girls in buying, packing and distributing).

Dates: Weekdays in mid-January 2016

(exact date to be confirmed by school) 

C.  Learning Journey to Old TKGS Campus Jan 2016 (Calling for VOLUNTEERS)

Dates: Weekdays in mid-January 2016 (exact date to be confirmed by school)

The orientation for Secondary One pupils includes a tour of our former school grounds at Tanjong Katong Road. This programme is led by ex-TKGians who spent their school years in the premises now occupied by the Canadian International School.


We are appealing to ex-TKGians to come forward, lead a tour and share your memories with the 2016 Sec 1 cohort at the start of their education with TKGS.

Please reply by 8 October 2015.  For enquiries, email: tkgs_alumni@yahoo.com.sg

Charity Project

At the beginning of this year, the Alumni organised a charity project involving about 93 students who were not going to the OBS. With the assistance of Tung Ling Centre, 91 beneficiaries in the Old Airport Road area were identified.

As it was nearing Chinese New Year, the girls were assigned the task of preparing the daily necessities packages for the needy families. A budget of $50 per beneficiary was decided upon and the girls were brought to Giant Tampines to purchase the items. After packing the items in school, they went to the Old Airport Road area the following day to deliver the packages personally to each beneficiary.

On the whole, it was an enriching experience for the girls as it taught them the value of compassion and humility through performing acts of charity outside their comfort zones. Moreover, it made them realise the cost of basic food and the basic needs of the elderly and lower income families less fortunate than themselves.

The total "shopping" money was $4,550 and it was raised among the Alumni members.


Floral arrangement Lessons

Ms Ivy Lee, an ex-TKGian, believes that the learning of floral arrangement can help cultivate creativity and graciousness in our students. With that end in mind, Ivy, together with Alumni members, Sally and Yoke Lin, conducted once-weekly lessons for a term to teach our girls the art of floral arrangement. Besides instructing them, Ivy also provided them with the platform to showcase their talents by organising and sponsoring a floral art competition at the end of the course.


Homecoming Event

The inaugural Homecoming Event, held on 3rd August 2012, was a huge success with an rousing turnout of more than 150 ex-TkGians, ex-teachers and alumni members coming together in true TKGS spirit to catch up with old friends, relive their youthful days, share their new life experiences, strike up new relationships and strengthen old bonds. Many came earlier to talk to their teachers and to visit their old haunts - such as their former classrooms, the canteen or even the library - to reminisce about their good old days in the school. While the older ex-TKGians have unstintingly lent their support to many school activities, it was heartening to also see the many new faces of those who have graduated in recent years at the event. Their presence and interest auger well for the formation of the new Alumni Youth Wing next year.


Learning Journey to the old TKGS site

For our students to know more about the TKGS history, they were brought on a learning Journey to old TKGS site. Our alumni members volunteered to be their guides so that they could share with the students their fond memories of the school. It was not only an enriching experience for the students but it also gave them an opportunity to interact with their older ‘sisters'.


The new Youth Wing

Our present Alumni has generously supported the school in several school events throughout the years. This year, a youth wing was proposed with the aim of attracting younger ex-TKGians into the fold. So far, the efforts of the senior members to recruit new blood during the inaugural Homecoming event and the recent Prom Night have borne fruit. The proposed introduction of the Youth Wing in 2013, will generate a continuous stream of new members into the Alumni. This would enable it reach to out to cohorts of ex-TKGians from different generations so as to keep the flame of the TKGS spirit burning!