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Open House

Come Experience TKGS !

Demure and Resolute – the words which describe a woman leader and define the legacy of our school. If you are keen to be part of the TKGS family or simply to discover what it means to be part of the TKGS legacy, join us at our annual Open House on 26th May 2018 (Sat). 

Experience the vibrancy and spirit of TKGS from a range of activities. Be enthralled by student performances, participate in subject-based workshops, sign up for CCA sessions and interact with students, teachers, parents and Alumni members at Exhibition Booths. Start planning your day at the TKGS Open House 2018 using the table below. Bring along your sports gear or musical instruments and we look forward to meeting you here!

Sign up at https://tinyurl.com/TKGSOpenHouse2018